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Learn more about how you can become a Global Issues Partner.

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A global issue is a broad description that is often used to explain matters of great social concern that affect human populations locally and that are shared among diverse human societies within our global community.

Global Issues on the TakingITGlobal website connects people to the issues that matter to them most and to the online resources, tools and opportunities for collaboration that can be used to make a lasting impact in communities all over the world.

The Global Issues pages are dynamic and interactive resources, which allows TIG members to generate their own content through the Global Issues' Group Blogs, discussion boards, petitions & commitments, global issues' online events, and even by contributing their knowledge on a specific global issue to our wiki pages.

Want to join the team and make your contribution to TakingITGlobal's Global Issues pages? Читай дальше!

Global Issues Guide to Action
  1. 1 Reflect and Get Inspired

    Take a moment to reflect on the world around you. Think about the things you know, the things you're not quite sure of, and all the things you have already experienced when exploring the many ways these Global Issues have impacted your life. At this step, you will learn what a global issue is, what TakingITGlobal's Global Issues pages have to offer, the many tools you can use to interact with the Global Issues pages, and all about the Global Issues team!

  2. 2 Identify and Get Informed

    Is there a global issue that you are passionate about? Are you interested in connecting with other young people throughout the world to learn more about how to reduce poverty, raise awareness about child and youth exploitation, do your part to slow down climate change, and speak out against global injustice? At this step, you will have the opportunity to get a quick and informative snap shot of a global issue, which will serve as the basis for your future exploration and engagement with issues of global concern. Take a look at the Global Issues' online resources to expand your knowledge on the many different angles you can take to explore and interact with a global issue.

  3. 3 Lead and Get Others Involved

    Once you have learned about the issues that affect your communities locally and globally, its time to learn about how others have taken the lead to inform themselves and their communities on the global issues that matter to them most. At this step, you will learn about how global issues are impacting our world one global citizen at a time. Come read the stories, case studies, and narratives of people just like you who learned about a global issue and then used that knowledge to reach others and make some change in their communities. It is at this step, you will have the opportunity to learn by example about the many ways that global citizens just like you have been bringing about change in their communities on this global issue.

  4. 4 Присоединитесь

    Learn about local and global community networks, make your contribution, and get directly connected to the global issues you want to make a lasting impact in. Networking can help you generate new and innovative ideas while giving you access to real life local experiences where you can further develop your skills to create lasting change on a global issue. In this step, you will learn about the different organizations and projects that can help you get directly involved in your community with the global issue of your choice.

  5. 5 Планируй и действуй

    Have you ever wanted to take action on a global issue but didn't have the resources or skills to do so? Well in this step, you will learn about the many different action tools that are available on TIG and on the web that you can use to help you take action on a specific global issue. For example, you can use TIG's action tools to create a petition, make a commitment for a better world, or use one of TIG's action guides to learn how to start your own community project on a global issue of your choice. Here's your chance to build the skills you need to take action and make a difference in your community and in your world!

  6. 6 Гарантируй длительное воздействие

    Remember, learning about a new global issue is only the first step to developing the skills you need to have a lasting impact. In the end, the extent of your impact on a specific global issue will depend on your capacity, and the capacity of others, to create meaningful and sustainable change with the help and support of your community. In this step, you will have the chance to begin your journey with insight and collaboration through inspiring and engaging in intercultural dialogues with the goal of making the change you want to see with the help of your Global Issues Team!

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