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Notable Quotes

"We, the Indigenous Peoples, have historically played an active role in the conservation of eco-systems crucial to the prevention of climate change such as forests, wetlands andcoastal and marine areas. Long ago, our sciences foretold of the severe impacts on Western "development" models based on indiscriminate clear-cutting, oil exploration, mining,carbon-emitting industries, permanent organic pollutants and the insatiable consumption of the industrialized countries. Today, these unsustainable models threaten the very life of Mother Earth and the lives of all of us who are her children."

Declaration of the First International Forum of Indigenous Peoples on Climate Change

In the past decade, it has been called everything from the “greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind” to the “greatest challenge to face man”. There have been conventions, coalitions, and conferences held in its name. Hundreds of politicians have discussed, debated and even come to agree on possible solutions armed with which we might stand and face its impending challenge. Thousands of scientists have released studies, statements, and reports documenting its harmful and possibly even apocalyptic consequences for all of the world’s biodiversity. Millions of people have individually altered their own lifestyles and together they have walked and run and biked in fierce protest. The issue at hand is climate change, and it has literally and figuratively taken every corner of our... (more)


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