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Nohline Akinyi
Mombasa, Kenya

I am an Online volunteer Global issue team member for Peace and Conflict, am a simple lady, loves smiling a lot, loves...


AIESEC InternationalAIESEC International
To contribute to the development of our countries and their people with an overriding commitment to international understanding and co-operation.


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Notable Quotes

Where sustainability works best is where an organization’s leadership gets it and wants it to happen and enables it to happen – so everyone from the person who sweeps the floor to the finance director feels part of that conversation

Will Day, Chairman, Sustainable Development Commission (2010)

With businesses focusing on generating profits, sustainability was not a popular concern among companies up until recently. Now, in an era of globalization, multinational corporations (those that conduct business in more than one country) and local businesses are no longer able to conduct destructive and unethical practices, such as polluting the environment, without attracting negative feedback from the general public. With increased media attention, pressure from non-governmental organizations, and rapid global information sharing, there is a surging demand from civil society, consumers, governments, and others for corporations to conduct sustainable business practices. In addition, in order to attract and retain employees and customers, companies are beginning to realize the... (more)


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International Days

International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development
December 5

World Fair Trade Day
May 11

International Migrant's Day
December 18

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