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Issue Editor

Abhijith J
Hyderabad, India

Abhijith Jayanthi is the managing coordinator for Global Issues Project at TakingITGlobal. Earlier, he has held positions...


Students on IceStudents on Ice
Education, discovery, adventure, mentoring and youth empowerment are some of the key elements of each Students on Ice expedition. Over the years, the organization has assembled an impressive team...


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Happy Indian School Girls
Knowledge is Power
Tunisian School
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Think Locally, Act Globally
Good Morning, Africa
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Issue Blog
Neel Kashkari proposes...
Saying that better schools are critical for California's prosperity, GOP gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari proposes changing the way...

Stand Up and Be Counted
The Maryland Higher Education Commission is cracking down on instetutions that provide distance education to students in the state. But the...

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TIGed Activities

Kindersite Project
The Kindersite Project (http://www.kindersite.org) today is a highly successful global resource,...

Telling Our Own Stories
This introductory activity aims to familiarize students with TakingITGlobal.org and the TIGed...

Tread Lightly: Low Carbon Lunch
Reduce your carbon footprint and take a bite out of climate change, starting with your lunch....

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World Teacher's Day
October 5

International Literacy Day
September 8

International Youth Day
August 12

International Students' Day
November 17

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Does the post-secondary school you choose really matter?

Take Action

Make Commitments
Talk with kids about things that matter
Take time to chat with children about what's going on in the world, their countries, and their...

Stop procrastinating
The amount of things we leave for "tomorrow" is huge. Whether it is reading a book, calling a...

Learning a new language.
Learning a new language can be quite the challenge for some people. But think about it this way,...

Join Projects
This is where you can find all the information you need for your Mozambique project. This site...

Sports for Healthier Life
LENEC as Citizen Sector Organization that operates with legal status number 00NGO/00006063 has...

Education For Change
Global warming is a huge issue in our world today. I have been learning about global warming in...

Join Groups
Lhokseumawe is the second largest city in Aceh Special District, in the north of Sumatra,...

Sharing Learning experiences

Kumau Info
Kumau Info pengetahuan dan peristiwa tanpa batas

Sign a Petition
Making Australian Education More Accessible
Australian education is well renowned, but there are no scholarships available for international...

A Voice For The Voiceless
Children placed in safety for 3-9mths are forgotten. Safe homes are unregulated & become dumping...

Making Mental Health a Priority
Dear Leona Aglukkaq , Minister of Health and Social Services of Canada, As a student of pure...