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udjoh kome
Abuja, Nigeria

Being a virgo, i'd say i am very caring, generous, love sports, the outdoors generally, like making friends and seeing...


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Experiential learning helps individuals to generate understanding and transfer knowledge in a manner different from the traditional didactic method of teaching where teachers simply transfer knowledge upon their students. Experiential learning allows students to engage their own experiences and reflect upon those experiences to further synthesize and analyze information. Such skills are integral for problem based learning and engaging twenty-first century skills.

In a ‘learning by doing’ atmosphere individuals can strengthen their skills in a meaningful way that helps to promote life-long learners. Experiential learning can take on different forms, as a solo activity or as a collaborative effort. In a collaborative environment team members not only learn more about... (more)


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Donner la main aux jeunes descolarisés involontairement
L'action consiste à fournir une éducation et formation informelle aux jeunes déscolarisés...

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Informal Primary Education by Youth Team in a Tongi Slum
Tongi is a relatively large suburb of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Poverty, unemployment...

Brick In The Wall
A nationwide series of projects to raise awareness and exploration of alternative education in...

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Making Australian Education More Accessible
Australian education is well renowned, but there are no scholarships available for international...

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