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Issue Editor

Nohline Akinyi
Mombasa, Kenya

I am an Online volunteer Global issue team member for Peace and Conflict, am a simple lady, loves smiling a lot, loves...


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Notable Quotes

“Feel what it's like to truly starve, and I guarantee that you'll forever think twice before wasting food.”

Criss Jami

One of the most significant problems in our world today affects about one third of the global population. The issue concerns basic factors of human survival, and it must be addressed in order to tackle other issues plaguing the human race. The issue in question, and this month’s Featured Theme, is Agriculture and Food Security.

Nearly 2 billion people worldwide are, on a regular basis, unable to grow or get enough food to eat- and a staggering 75% of those most lacking food security live in the most rural areas in the least developed countries of the world. Whether due to conflict, drought, flooding or disease, food security and sustainable agriculture are unstable realities for most of the world’s poor. A number of facts help to make it very clear just how critical... (more)


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4,600 years anniversary of statues of Rahotep and Nofret (2596 a.C.) Meydum Mastaba
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Food Security, Nutrition and Health
Students are introduced to the concept of food and nutrients. They will become aware of our needs...

Hunger and Food Around The Globe
What the World Eats is a lesson that requires students to view images of families around the...

International Days

International Day for Biological Diversity
May 22

World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
June 17

World Vegetarian Day
October 1

World Food Day
October 16

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Commit to reducing my food footprint!
Free your Forks! One pound of meat requires 8 times as much as energy as plant protein. Go...

Take the Low Carbon Lunch Challenge
Did you know that ONE THIRD of global greenhouse gas emissions come from our food systems?...

Eat meal without meat
Plant-based food requires much less resources, energy and water to produce than meat. As well,...

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Fire and Ice Organic Garden
Fire and Ice Organic Garden project between Brazil, Canada (Ontario) and Australia. A remote...

Agriculture for all
*Every village will be targeted for this program. 80% peoples live in villages and they earn...

Agriculture and Rural Development Promoters (AGRUDEP

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Fireandice-Organic Garden
Fire and Ice Organic Garden project between Brazil, Canada (Ontario) and Australia. A remote...

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Kenyans empowered socially and economically to sustain themselves
Kenyans got the potential to feed themselves but they lack enough direction.... they got the land...