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Human Rights
Peace & Conflict
Human Rights

Issue Editor

Campobasso, Italy

Hello everybody, my name is Paolo and I am Italian. I am very happy to be here and to share with all of you this new...


Peace X PeacePeace X Peace
Peace X Peace ("peace by peace") connects women for direct exchange of information and experience across divides. It is the largest international organization using the Internet to empower women of...


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Notable Quotes

“How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!”

Maya Angelou

“How important it is to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes.”
-- Maya Angelou

"…gender equality is critical to the development and peace of every nation."
-- Kofi Annan

The reason that we emphasize “women’s rights” within human rights goes beyond history. Traditionally, women have not enjoyed equal access to basic human rights, protections, resources, and services. Unfortunately, gender inequality is still present in every society and remains as a huge barrier for the world.

Unequal situations for women vary significantly by region, country, culture, society, community and etc. Also, there are various conditions and places where women are disadvantaged. The origin of the discrimination is sometimes... (more)


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Millennium Women
Woman of Africa
Tale of Two Women
Screaming for Women
Stop Discrimination Against Women
Wasting of Mother's Milk
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Myth Buster! The Transmission of HIV & AIDS
Through collaborative activities and discussions, student misconceptions about how HIV is...

i need micro teaching lesson plans of economics and commerce n tabular form..

Gender Empowerment in The Hunger Games
Gender Empowerment in The Hunger Games is a lesson that demonstrates to students that males and...

International Days

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
November 25

International Women's Day
March 8

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May 17th - International Day against Homophobia & Transphobia

Gender opression: here, there and everywhere

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Make Commitments
Promote empowerment and healthy sexuality among women
To achieve our global goals, we must agree that: • We will not stand for playing politics...

Never disrespect my mother
We all owe our very existence to the woman who went through all the trouble of giving birth to us...

Learning more about women’s history
Women today owe a lot to our predecessors who have paved the way for us to vote, work, have our...

Join Projects
Missing Women: Decolonization, Third Wave Feminisms and Indigenous People of Canada and Mexico
International Conference August 15-17th, 2008 on "Missing Women: Decolonization, Third Wave...

International Youth Conference on Gender and Development
Plan in Germany is organising an international youth conference on gender in February 2007 in...

Visit our NEW website at www.winwomeninitiatives.com
WiN: Women Initiatives is a youth-led social initiative dedicated to the empowerment of...

Join Groups
Gender sensitivity
Gender sensitivity is a group that is welcoming in every view from either side of the gender.It...

women rights are human rights
women rights activists are welcome and also sponsors for women programs will be appreciated.

Establishment of Short Stay Home for Women & Girls
BIDHANNAGAR RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION a non-government organization...

Sign a Petition
Equal Rights for Women
We, having heretofore affixed our signature, support the creation of a new amendment to the...

Maternal health is our health
I want to support increasing access to women's health around the world, in conjunction with...

It is a pledge about the specifically education of girls, having into account that mostly of the...