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William M. Reynolds

In the past, I have served in the following positions, with some INCREDIBLE organizations and people: Steering Committee...


Ideal Media
To help create a better world through the power of media. Our passion is producing media content and events related to transformational media and providing expert advice to individuals and...


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Our need to express and create is powerful. It provokes experimentation and inspires artistic cultural expressions such as visual art, dance, writing, theatre, and music. These cultural expressions are taking on a new shape and meaning in contemporary society. However media lack of focus on key issues which are boring and not "commercial" (like big budgets decisions debate, globalization disadvantages, and job marke, cost of foods and materials in undevelopped countries is a major problem for media as described by Marty Kaplan frm Lear institute NY (www.learcenter.org/html/about/?cm=kaplan)

One form of media that has become increasingly popular in today’s society is mass media (mainstream media). It consists of radio, television, magazines, newspapers, and of... (more)


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Taking social media...
THE battle between social media in South Africa has just become more than a numbers game. Although Facebook and WhatsApp...

Global media thumbs...
NEW DELHI: The international media has been largely unsparing http://hqq7.blogspot.com/2014/04/b.ning.com.html towards BJP PM candidate...

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Write something every day
Writers write! Stop thinking about it, reading about it, planning it, dreading it, or otherwise...

Make A Submission to the UNDP Youth Climate Change Project
The United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) Human Development Report (HDR) is probably...

Stop procrastinating
The amount of things we leave for "tomorrow" is huge. Whether it is reading a book, calling a...

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Jermaine's School of Bagpipery
this is a project for Jermaine to spread the good word about Celtic music.

Youth4Health is a community-based research project that seeks to empower newcomer youth to become...

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This project highlights on the achievements on economic front by Pakistan as the country's image...

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Westhill & Elrick Community Council (W&ECC) to bring together and promote the diverse range of...

Welcome Pharmaceutical Research Group. Here you can find all the information about Pharmaceutical...

First Ireland
Such is the glamour of the Lladro figurines, that these items are used mostly by the people for...

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Netflix And Viacom Make New Rugrats Episodes
Rugrats is a great animated comedy with a cult following that definitely deserves to have more...

Because of the recent actions in Michigan and similar actions executed and planned across the...

John Mayer En Concert En France
A tous les fans français de Mr.Mayer, Cette pétition a été créée dans le but de faire...