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Peace & Conflict
Human Rights

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Ankara, Turkey

Freedom is My Passion,what is this freedom that is my passion? Freedom to make contacts with other human beings, to share...


Eurasia Foundation Russia
he Eurasia Foundation is a privately managed grant-making and operating organization dedicated to funding programs that build democratic and free market institutions in the twelve New Independent...


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The greatest challenge that the human race has ever faced is peace maintenance .
Some argue that much of the conflict in world can be attributed to the existence of an oppressive social system of power that reinforces differences between groups and allows one group to have power or privilege over another group. The main cause of conflict may be briefly stated as follows:

1. Individual Difference:

In society, men are not alike in their nature, attitudes, ideal, interest and aspirations. Due to this difference, they fail to accommodate themselves which may lead to conflict among them.

2. Cultural Difference: Culture is the way of life of a group. It differs from society to society. The... (more)


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International Day of Peace
September 21

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