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Human Rights

Issue Editor

Kaviri Ali
Kampala, Uganda

Coming from a humble background and raised by his grandmother, Ali Kaviri is a dynamic youth activist with over four years...


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Notable Quotes

Sports do not build character. They reveal it.

Heywood Broun

The busier our lives get, the more dependent we become on things that make our lives easier. Unfortunately, time-savers, such as cars, computers and television sets can also encourage us to be less active in addition to disconnecting us from interacting with the ‘natural environment.’

Unlike most attributes, defining physical fitness is not a subjective matter; in fact determining what it means to be physically fit can be a matter of life and death. Some of the physiological characteristics most often characterized as a measure of physical fitness are: Cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance, body composition, flexibility, and mental clarity. These components of physical fitness are primarily influenced by regular physical and mental exercise.... (more)


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Afghanistan National sport (Boskashi
Bull Fighting - Fujairah's National Sport
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العنف في الملاعب
Une fiche pédagogique d'une séance à propos de la violence dans les stades

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World Health Day
April 7

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Physical activity
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Sport is a tool for peace
Some may think that using sports is a stretch for achieving peace but the people at UNESCO don't...

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Access to Health
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