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Ankara, Turkey

Freedom is My Passion,what is this freedom that is my passion? Freedom to make contacts with other human beings, to share...


Digital Free Software Association
La DFSA (Digital Free Software Association) est une association scientifique créée au gouvernorat de la Manouba en août 2005 par Dr Mohamed Saïd OUERGHI. Son annonce officielle est dans le...


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Many people see technology as a solution to some of the problems that exist on our planet. It’s true that technology can be used for good, but with new developments come new challenges issues. The digital divide is one such issue, one that people are actively trying to overcome. Telecentres aim to bridge the digital divide by providing people access and knowledge about information technologies. A global telecentre movement is growing right now. Unfortunately, even where computer facilities are readily available, the digital divide persists—even in the world's most wealthy countries, access to the latest and most beneficial technologies is limited for those in rural areas and people with disabilities.

There are many other issues to consider when talking about ICTs and... (more)


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Salut chers amis membres de TakingITGlobal, Je vous propose de vous engager à perséverer...

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Blogging is an easy thing to do, so why do I have such trouble being consistent? I commit to...

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Film and Video Editing
Welcome to Film and video editing Group. Here you can share Video editing, video brochure...

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Information Technology Education for all Human Beings
Information Technology as defined by the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), is...

International Support for the Afghan-Canadian Community Center in Kandahar
We are a small, community-based post-secondary school that has provided valuable, cost-effective...

Promote Internet Safety!!
With the phenomenal expansion in use of ICT tools, as embodied in the steady growth rates of...