Climate Change

In the past decade, it has been called everything from the “greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind” to the “greatest challenge to face man”. There have been conventions, coalitions, and conferences held in its name. Hundreds of politicians have discussed, debated and even come to agree on possible solutions armed with which we might stand and face its impending challenge. Thousands of scientists have released studies, statements, and reports documenting its harmful and possibly even apocalyptic consequences for all of the world’s biodiversity. Millions of people have individually altered their own lifestyles and together they have walked and run and biked in fierce protest. The issue at hand is climate change, and it has literally and figuratively taken every corner of our world by storm. People are increasingly aware that this environmental threat could be the defining issue of our time.

In the face of this global challenge, older generations are coming to the table to work towards a remedy. However, in energy, productivity, and creativity an ever-growing youth movement has eclipsed their efforts. Self-mobilized youth around the world are currently pursuing just and sustainable solutions to global warming with the maturity and sense of urgency necessary in these pressing times.

We at TakingITGlobal believe it is these youth who have the power to mitigate the forces set in motion by our industrialized societies. With the proper resources and guidance, the bureaucracy that currently hinders international climate policy will be avoided, and an opportunity to discover honest and efficient political solutions will ensue. With feasible intergovernmental ratifications made concerning global warming, domestic efforts will be far more efficient. Inspired and led by youth, our global community will solve the problem that has already inspired so much adversity around the world.

But it all begins with youth taking advantage of the multitude resources available in order to rally peers and make a difference. TakingITGlobal’s climate change page is a fantastic way to learn all about this paramount issue and simultaneously about the rest of the youth movement and possible roles within it. Learn about what others are doing and get inspired to take action by either starting or joining a local project. Our Climate Change Youth Guide to Action is there to help, every step of the way.

In the end, global youth have all of the evidence they need to inspire action. All that is needed now are the diplomatic and policy-building tools that will complement the amazing energy and creativity of these youth, enabling them to help tackle the environmental and ensuing social challenges the world currently faces.

This is about survival. And while we are in this together, younger generations possess the clarity, the vision and the imperative to help save this planet. We hope that TakingITGlobal is one of many platforms that support those on the journey towards unifying our growing world and repairing the damage we have done, in the interests of both present and future generations of life.

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